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Love Letter to Yourself

by Skin to You |


When is the last time you wrote yourself a love letter? I’m betting NEVER. For Valentine's Day, it is expected to do something special for your significant other but maybe this year we can try something a little different. Instead of receiving flowers, buy yourself some. Instead of giving chocolates, treat yourself to some. You send a love letter to someone you really care about, so why not write one for yourself?

This may be a pretty foreign thing to do, so we’re here to guide you on getting started on writing one. You might be thinking, “what’s the point in doing this?” One: it’s good to focus on the good things within yourself instead of always highlighting the flaws. Two: when you are having a rough day, this letter can be good to fall back on as a pick-me-up. Here is a list of a few affirmations to consider when writing your love letter:

I will learn to say “no.”

Letting go and saying “no” is always difficult but it’s good to identify what is dragging you down. You can only say “yes” to so many things before you’re overwhelmed. It's important to set boundaries for yourself and know when to say “no” because it is totally valid and okay. What are the things or people that are no longer positively contributing to you? If they are negatively impacting your life, maybe it is time to make a change.

I am loved!

Energy flows from person to person. If you surround yourself with people that hold negative energy, you will adopt that from them. This is why you should be connected with people that radiate positive energy so that you can soak that in and spread it. Write about the people that make you feel so loved and give them a shoutout in your letter. These people can be your friends, your family, maybe even your furbaby!

I will not compare.

In some cases, it can be good to look up to people that inspire you. But a lot of the time we can be so hard on ourselves and overthink: “Why don’t I look like that?”, “I wish I was that smart”, “If I was that pretty, I would be so confident”. When you find yourself in that pit, remember that the people we compare ourselves to, have their bad days, too. There is so much to be thankful for and we can’t lose sight in that! When writing, try to avoid comparing yourself to others and focus on what makes you unique.

I will respect and love myself!

The most important thing is to write down all the little things you love about yourself. This may be difficult because it feels super weird to compliment yourself so heavily and we rarely do this for ourselves. There is no reason to be shy because this is for you and you alone, so go pile on the compliments and self-love! Every little thing you like about yourself, write that down and never forget it!

I deserve this!

This might be the most important bit. Make yourself a checklist, if you will. Remember to do all of these things: One, learn to let go. Two, surround yourself with people that respect and care for you. Three, don’t compare yourself to others. Four, never forget about the things that make you special and amazing. Five, love and treat yourself! Go get a massage, buy yourself flowers, go to a yoga class, eat too many chocolate covered strawberries. You deserve all these things more than you know.

Once you’ve written all this down, sign it off with hugs and kisses and seal it up. Open it for Valentine’s Day or just a tough day when you need to be your own cheerleader. We hope this challenge has helped you to tap into parts of yourself that we often leave untouched.